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Thank you for visiting this site... it is constantly undergoing changes. IF you notice any errors, please contact me. Most of the photos are "placeholders" and will be changed in time. The top menu bar has all categories and subcategories. The Icons below are just some quick links to tool kits. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up-to-date on all the changes.


"Who cares about your engine... Show me your tools"     -Tyler C.

356 Tools (1950-1965)

911 Tools, Early SWB (1964-1968)

912 Tools (1965-1969)

912E (1976)

911 Tools, Late LWB (1969-1973)

911 Tools, T/E/S Carrera RS (1973-1974)

930 Tools, 3.0 Turbo


Carrera (1974-1977)

911 Tools (1979-1989)

964 Tools (1989-1994)

993 Tools (1994-1998)

959 Tools, 


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