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Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: "KLEIN 21"

Marking Direction: Towards the Socket

Length: 225.2mm (measured 220mm, 221.08, 221.09, 229.01, 229.18)

Decal: none

Finish: Satin Chrome Finish

Tommy Bar

Length: 15cm

Finish: Bright Chrome Finish 

NOTE: 912 version of the Spark Plug Wrench was nearly identical but slightly longer, measured at 284mm. "KLEIN 21" is stamped on the shaft instead of the "end" like on the 356 C Spark Plug Wrench, see below:


PLEASE HELP: If you have another manual not listed here with additional information, please contact me.

Bosch W225T1

Bosch W225T7











Champion L85











Beru D 225/14




Note: See the relevant service manual or driver's manual for your car to determine which one is correct.

Reference September 1963 Edition, for 1600 C, 1600 SC engines:


Page updated 1/2023

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