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^ not complete

^ not complete

^ COMPLETE KIT, Above Photos are courtesy of Peter Bartelli

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Carrera 2 Travel Kit 

Contents similar to other Travel kits:

1x    Blue Bag with Blue cloth 

1x    Clutch cable (2025mm in a vinyl loop)

1x    Bulb Box (Philips Blue/Yellow)

20x Fuse (in two paper packs of 10)

1x    Towel ("PORSCHE" in red with blue horizontal borders)

Contents that are Carrera-specific:

1x    Arm-contact-breaker (Points set)

4x   Spark Plug (Bosch smooth conductor black body 

         240T2, 240T16, or 240T17)

1x    Exhaust Valve 

1x    Inlet Valve

1x    Exhaust Valve Spring

1x    Inlet Valve Spring
1x    Gasket Engine Set

2x   Gasket for cylinder head cover

2x   Gasket for carburetor cover

2x   Gasket oil sump plate

2x   Valve keeper (in a sewn plastic pouch)

1x    Long Spark Plug connector (Black bakelite)

1x    Short Spark Plug connector (Black bakelite)

1x    Oil Plug

1x    Valve Lash

1x    Valve Lash adjusting screw 

1x    Valve Lash adjustment retainer

1x    Valve Lash adjustment lock

1x    Valve Lash spring


Many thanks to Peter Bartelli for providing the above contents list


Note: no Fuel Pump Diaphragm as Carrera 2's had Electric fuel pumps.

last edit 5/22/2023

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