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Spark Plug Wrench (1994-96)

For Model: 993

Top: Knurled Plastic end 

Marking: "KLEIN 16 W. Germany

Marking Direction: Towards the Socket

Length: ??cm - Note: articulating (no spring)

Size: 16mm

Drive: M10 

Decal: none

Finish: Chrome Finish

NOTE: SPW's Were not included in kits (possibly added by owners) *if you have other information please contact me

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Allen Key (1989-??)

Size: 10mm

Marking: "10 DIN 911 / W.GERMANY HF"

Finish: Chrome Finish

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IMG_8421 copy.jpg

Allen Key (????-??)

Size: M10

Marking: "M10 KLEIN W.GERMANY"

Finish: Chrome Finish

Note: Might be a later version bought through the Porsche dealer

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