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"                  Hazet 772/2       VANADIUM GERMANY D.P. angem"

" Chrom      Hazet 772/2       VANADIUM GERMANY D.P. angem"

Release Button: on the side opposite the socket

Hubcap puller: exposed after pulling back handle

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Light Silver

NOTE from Eric's site; According to Jim Perrin's tool kit articles 356 Registry Vol. 23 #1 p.17 and Vol.24 #1 p.38 the "D.P. angem" marking on the lug wrench is correct up through 1956, and then it was changed to "D.B.P." in 1957.


NOTE according to James Davies, A note on the D.B.Angem marking: the 1953 and earlier wrenches don't have "GERMANY" stamped before D.P.Angem. By 1955, they do, according to Jim Perrin's reporting on the original 1955 kits.

REGARDLESS of the above notes, the patent was issued to Hazet on June 3, 1954, and most likely the change did not appear until the previous stock was used up. Hazet did not change their items to correspond with Porsche Model changes, so there is no "definitive" change, only "suggested changes"


Three different variations:

" CHROM      Hazet 772/2       VANADIUM D.P. angem", "L" Underline

" CHROM      Hazet 772/2       VANADIUM GERMANY D.P. angem", straight Underline

" CHROM      Hazet 772/2       VANADIUM GERMANY D.B.P.", straight Underline

Evolution of logo.jpg

From the 1954 Hazet Catalog (click to enlarge):


Note: "D.P. angem" can be seen on lug wrench

z.1954.hazet catalog.772.jpg
Bauer und Schaurte.jpg

Lug Nut: Steel Black Oxide

Markings: "B"

Made by: Bauer und Schaurte


(Section undergoing editing 3/2023)

Years: 1955

Length of shaft: 18 3/8"

Shaft finish: shiny 

Base: some marked "Bilstein Vigot DRP 520996 UA",

Lifting peg: hollow sides, sharp transition

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