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1955 is the transition year for Spark Plug socket.

Earlier kits had the Dark Satin Finish with "Hazet" stamped approx. 20mm (this is the spark plug wrench same as the early pre-A of previous years)

Marking: "Hazet" (approx.20mm long)

Marking Direction:

     Length-wise, centered on shaft


   Length (Weight*)

   237.19mm (254gm),

   237.57mm (259gm),

   239.44mm (258gm),

   239.80mm (253gm),

   240.45mm (256gm) 

*NOTE: according to 1951 Hazet Catalog, these weighed 240gm

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Matt Nickel Finish

Later Kits had the Lighter Silver Satin Finish with "Hazet" stamped approx. 15mm in length

Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: "Hazet" (15mm long)

Marking Direction:

     Length-wise, centered on the shaft

Length: 24cm

Weight **according to 1954 Catalog, these weighed 300gm

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Satin Silver

Tommy Bar

Length: 120mm (119.63, 121.83, 122, 122.16mm Measured)

Finish: Matt Nickel Finish/Satin Silver for later kits (need confirmation)

z.1954.763.Untitled 5.png


Note: 763 Spark plug wrench.

     "für Porschewagen."

Note Weight **according to the1954 Catalog, these weighed 300gm

logos evolve.jpg

<- Note:

The Transition from "L" underline to "straight" underline is blurred. As well as from Darker Plating to Lighter plating from Pre-A to Late Pre-A to Early A. Then, there is a change-over in the size of the "Hazet" logo from 20mm to 15mm in length. Generally, it is accepted that the 15mm Logo and Silver Finish would be found in "Early A" kits. But, older tools could be found in newer kits. However, newer tools would not be found in earlier kits.

The Hazet Schmalkalden plant was destroyed in WW2 (between 1939-1945)

Based on catalog logos:


"U" underline appears prior to 1938:


"L" underline appears in 1949:


"straight" underline appears in 1951 (although, back cover had "L" underline:

z.h.1938.Untitled 10.jpg
z.h.1949.Untitled 10.jpg
z.h.1951.both.Untitled 10.jpg
z.h.1951.Untitled 10.jpg

PLEASE HELP: If you have another manual not listed here with additional information, please contact me.


Bosch W225T1

*Type 1100, 1300 (A),

1300 Super (Winter use)

Bosch W240T1

*Type 1300 Super (Sommer use), 1500, 1500 Super









Bosch W260T1 

(replacement shown)

*Type 1500 Super 





*First reference June 1954 Edition-German, for 1100, 1300 (A), 1300 S, 1500, 1500 S engines:


Date codes for Spark plugs in this section (but anything older would work as well):

H = 1952 

I   = 1953 

J   = 1954

Page updated 1/2023

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