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SPECIAL NOTE: This bag is considered the correct bag for Late 1962 kits. It is possible that the previous 1960-61 Blue bags or Grey Pebble Bag's were also used,. If you have an early or late 1962 car and it came with any of these bags, please let me know. Thank you.

Car VIN# 156444 Production Date: 1962/2/26 came with a Grey Vinyl Bag (info courtesy of Dick M.)

T6B (1962 only, "Late 1962")



Ext. Color: Light Grey 

Ext. Texture Bag: Softer grain, leather-like vinyl

Int. Color: Off-white Cloth


Pockets: 7

Messko Flap: yes

Belt Flap: yes


Special Note: Stitching is wider than previous bag, approx. 5.5 stitches per inch (will need more examples to measure to verify)

Measured: approx

7 stitches per inch

Click on photo to enlarge

(Photo Credit: Tony Aprille)


The 1962 Tool Bag weight:

Top: Weight of 170gm (measured w/partial strap)

Bottom: Weight of 169gm (measured w/partial strap)


Close-up of texture:


Bag Pattern - "softer" or more delicate pattern

Early T6 B (1962 only).jpg


Strap attachment: right

Length: 425mm

Width: 17mm (17.16mm)

Thickness: 2-2.3mm (2.29mm)

Color: Brown

Texture: Width-wise ridges

Rivet diameter: 9.9mm (10.15mm)

(image to the Right is from a LATE A)

IMG_5888 2.JPG
IMG_5892 2.JPG

Original Buckle and Loop

Other possible bags for "Early" 1962


T5B (1960-61, "Early" 1962) BAGS:

Blue Bag 

Ext. Color: Blue 

Ext. Texture Bag: leather-like vinyl

Int. Color: Blue Cloth

Green Bag (like Late A w/Dark Brown "almost Black" Belt)

Ext. Color: Pale Green 

Ext. Texture Bag: leather-like vinyl

Int. Color: Ivory Cloth

Grey Bag

Ext. Color: Grey 

Ext. Texture Bag: pebble-like vinyl

Int. Color: Ivory Cloth

NOTE: These Bags was also supplied into the earliest 1962 Cars. 



Pockets: 7

Messko Flap: yes

Belt Flap: yes

Weight: 201gm (204, 201, 198 w/belts)

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