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Generator Wrench

Length: 250mm

Thickness: 5mm (measured 4.9mm at the tip)

Finish: Glossy Black

Other Feature: Rounded around head

1961 july PHOENIX ALL BLUE phoenix-07-1.

1961 July

ALL Blue


1962 March


1962 October - "Made in Germany"


1962 December - "Made in Germany"

Phoenix Generator/Fan Belt - All Blue

Size: 9,5 x 825mm

Other Details:

   "PORSCHE" and "PHOENIX" written in Blue Box 

Date Code: MM/Y 

   MM - Calendar Month

   Y - 196Y

Phoenix Generator/Fan Belt - Yellow and Blue

Size: 9,5 x 825mm

Other Details:

   "PORSCHE" written in Yellow Box 

   "PHOENIX" written in Blue Box 

   Some had "Made in Germany" written

Date Code: Y/MM  (similar to earlier 1960 all Yellow Belts)

   Y - 196Y

  MM - Calendar Month

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