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Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: "Hazet 763 GERMANY"

Marking Direction:

     59+ lettering faces Towards the Socket

Length: 24cm

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Light Silver

Tommy Bar

Length: 12cm

Finish: Light Silver


From October 1955 Porsche Special Tool Catalog

Alternative for 1962 356B Kits:

Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: None

Marking Direction: None


Length: 24cm (measured 232.55, 233.01mm)

Decal: None

Finish: Nickel-Gold Color

Tommy Bar

Length: 12cm (121.11mm)

Finish: Chrome plating


Note: This is an alternative SPW that I have seen in several original 1962 tool kits. -Ben A.


Credit to: VM, Victor Ingram and Harvey Rosenthal

IMG_2086 2.JPG

Bosch W225T1

Bosch W225T7











Bosch W240T1











Champion L-10-S

Champion L-11-S















Champion L-10-S and L-11-S superseded by L-5 and L-7 in 1958


Note: See the relevant service manual or driver's manual for your car to determine which one is correct.

Date codes for Spark plugs in this section (but anything older would work as well):

Q = 1961

R = 1962

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