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Marking: "PORSCHE"

Marking Note for 8/9 Wrench, some had "CHROM - VANADIUM" instead of "PORSCHE" and "No. 400" on the opposite side

Wrenches: 8/9, 11/12, 10/14, 17/19

Numbers: all in circle

Decal: no decal

Finish: Light Silver

IMG_2245 copy.jpg

The above photo shows all variations of Original 1962 Wrenches. Click on the photo to zoom into the details.

Photo courtesy of Tony Aprille

NOTE on Originals vs. Reproductions:

"Brocker" Wrenches by Robert Brocker from Amsterdam were thinner, shorter, lighter, and had a smoother finish than the originals

i.e. Measuring the thickness of 19mm Head end;

     on originals: 7mm thick

     on the Brocker reproductions: 6mm thick.

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