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Generator Wrench

Length: 250mm

Thickness: 5mm

Finish: Glossy Black

Other Feature: Edginess around head

y:w continental2-1.jpg

Continental Generator/Fan Belt

Size: 9,5 x 825mm

Other Details: "Continental" and "PORSCHE" marked on belt


1. "Continental" and "PORSCHE" written in White Box

2. "Continental" and "PORSCHE" written in Orange Box

3. "Continental" and "PORSCHE" written in Yellow Box

4. "Continental" written in Yellow Box and

   "PORSCHE" marked written in White Box 

Date Codes:




LA(not pictured), 

AR(not pictured), 

BO(not pictured), 

RN(not pictured), 

RR(not pictured),

RH(not pictured),

CO(not pictured),

KH(not pictured),

NO(not pictured)

Note: Does anyone understand these "date codes"?

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