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Earlier Pliers:

Years: 1950-53

Length: 180-190mm (179.4, 181mm measured)

Color: painted blue

Cutting surface: raised cutting surfaces

Shape of handles: "flow" in an S shape

Handles: no cross-hatching

Marking: "AMAZONA" stamped on pivot

Hole opening: 11.5mm in diameter

Photo Ref: Ned. G. pliers original to his 1953 kit)

Ref: vin# 51287 1953 Coupe (from Jim P's article on Jesse R.'s late pre-A grey vinyl bag kit)


(click to enlarge)

Note on Engineer's Pliers: 

-Built to DIN 5244 standard

-180mm (among other lengths)

-Tolerance: +/- 9mm

Info supplied by Andreas D.

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