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Marking: " Chrom      Hazet 450       Vanadium"

Line under "Hazet": "L" underline

The spacing of area around "Hazet 450": Tight box

Wrenches: 8/9, 11/12, 10/14, 17/19

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Dark Satin Silver

Note 1: measurements

-Earlier wrenches were larger in size as given in the early Hazet catalogs.


-10/14 Hazet 450 wrench produced during the time of Pre A Porsche tool kits should be about 72 grams in weight and 172 mm in length

Wrench      Length   Weight

8/9mm       140mm   32 g

11/12mm   156mm   48 g (same as later A/B Wrenches)

10/14mm   172mm   72 g

17/19mm   220mm   170 g

*slight variation in weights from above have been observed.

Reference of length and weights

from 1951 Hazet Catalog:







Note 2:  "L" underline with kickup to the left

the "L" wrenches were used up to about 1956

the "L" underline of the 10/14 wasn't as defined as the other wrenches.

Note 3: finish

-Had a Nickel Finish. Nickel will have a yellowish tint when viewed in natural sunlight against a white piece of paper. Wrenches used in the Porsche tool kits were nickel finished mostly during the pre A era.


-chrome plated finishes started showing up in 356 tool kits around 1955-56.


Note 4: number size and type

-Large font numbers are generally associated with early production mostly likely pre 55

-the numbers were also more "rounded"

-Earliest of 10/14 wrenches had a "closed" 4 as can be seen in this photo:

Credit: Rick Albro

Photo Credit: Tony Aprile


Note: This did not come with the kits, but is a nice addition to any tool kit. It is actually a pin.

Wrench      Length   Weight

2/3mm       ??mm     ??g

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