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Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: "Hazet" (approx.20mm long)

Marking Direction:

     Length-wise, centered on shaft

Length: 238mm (239.4mm measured)

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Dark/Dull Silver Finish

Tommy Bar

Length: 12cm

Finish: Satin Silver? Dark/Dull Silver Finish?

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From the 1951 Hazet Catalog:

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of a 764 SPW for the GMÜND SL's

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2022/9 NOTE: I will be making edits to all the different Spark Plugs that have been noted in owners manual to this page and then will apply the changes to the other pages in the near future. If you have an Owner's manual that is not referenced below, please take a photo of the (a) cover, (b) then of the inside page that dates the owner's manual, (c) the page that lists the spark plugs. Please send this info to my email and let me know if you want me to credit you on the website. Thank you!

Note: See the relevant service manual or driver's manual for your car to determine which one is correct.

example of how I would like the info:

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1954 FullSizeRender.heic

356A 1600 (September 1957)


Bosch W 225 T 1

Champion L-10-S

Beru 225/14 U2

Bosch W225T1

1954 Pre-A

1954 Pre-A 1100 (June 1954 german ed.)

1954 Pre-A 1300 (June 1954 german ed.)

1954 Pre-A 1300 S and 1500 used for Winter (June 1954 german ed.)

1958 356A 1600 (September 1957)

Champion L-10-S

1958 356A 1600 (September 1957)

356A 1600 S (September 1957)


Bosch W 240 T 1

Champion L-11-S

Beru 240/14 U2

superseded by L-5 and L-7 in 1958

Bosch W240T1

1954 Pre-A

1954 Pre-A 1300 S and 1500 used for Summer (June 1954 german ed.)

1954 Pre-A 1500 and S (June 1954 german ed.)

1958 356A 1600 S (September 1957)

Champion L-11-S

1958 356A 1600 S (September 1957)

Bosch W260T1

1954 Pre-A 1500 S (June 1954 german ed.)

Bosch W225T7.  ????

Carrera 1500 GS (October 1957)


Bosch W 240 T 20 (slower speeds and town use)

Bosch W 240 T 21  (for fast touring)

Bosch W 270 T 17  (for Racing)


Bosch W270T17


Bosch W240T17


by 1961 no spark plugs were included in the tool kits according to owners manuals....starting with German 356B 1961/1962 owners manual

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