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Spark Plug Wrench

Marking: "Hazet 763 GERMANY"

Marking Direction:

     57-58 lettering faces Away from Socket

     59+ lettering faces Towards Socket

Length: 24cm (237.5 measured)

Decal: Hazet decal

Finish: Light Silver

Tommy Bar

Length: 12cm

Finish: Light Silver

763comp copy.jpg
z.1958.763.Untitled 5.png


Note: 763 Spark plug wrench.

     "für Porsche-Wagen."


From October 1955 Porsche Special Tool Catalog

PLEASE HELP: If you have another manual not listed here with additional information, please contact me.

Type 1300, 1600 (normal)


Bosch W225T1 

Note: See the relevant service manual or driver's manual for your car to determine which one is correct.

First reference October 1956 Edition, for 1300, 1300 S, 1600, 1600 S engines:

Champion L-10-S


Second reference September 1957 Edition, for 1600, 1600 S Engines:

Beru 225/14 U2

IMG_5958 2_edited.jpg

Type 1300 S, 1600 S (super)

Bosch W240T1

Champion L-11-S


Beru 240/14 U2

Page updated 1/2023

Date codes for Spark plugs in this section (but anything older would work as well):


L  = 1956

M = 1957

N = 1958

O = 1959

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