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Hi! I am

Benjamin Abraham

This is a Demo Site, not meant to be the authority on Porsche tools. This site is a collection of information that I have read on multiple sites, forums, my own knowledge, and Porsche Bulletins. I would like to credit the foundations of my knowledge to Eric Cherneff, and registry members from the 356 Registry; Jim Perrin, Peter Bartelli, Tyler Carlson, JR, NG, Rick Albro. Early 911S Registry; Allen Henderson, EL, MO. Books or Websites by Charlie White, RS etc...(I will add full names only after permission is given). I have also had the generous help of Victor Ingram, Tony Aprille, GM whom have all lent me their precious items to photograph and utilze in this website. The purpose of this site is to memorialize information for future enthusiasts to use as a guide for their own hobby. I do not take any responsibility for inaccuracies, as this is merely a resource and not the absolute final word/authority on this subject. I encourage people to write to me about any inaccuracies published on this website.

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